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Going on an adventure...

AWAY FOR 5 DAYS , unable to draw and reply to notes.
Thanks for your understanding!
(will be back on 22nd of april)


Eredhys | Female | 20 | France | The Ever-Changing Mind

Welcome to a place of peace and happiness!

Feel free to talk to me! I'm quite friendly with everyone as long as you're nice and I'm never against talking to new people to make friends or simply share common interests! As it is, you can have a look at my stamps or just ask me to know about my general likes, there are subjects I always love to talk about.

Or you can also ask me stuff or tips and I'll try my best to help you!

Art status

Kiriban : 99 999 PV

Hello there!
Please, have a look at this before asking me about a drawing (: You're always free to send me a note if you're pariticularly interested in something shown as closed, though. One never knows.

For AT and collaborations, you should be on a way on my art level.

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:bulletorange: Caffeinated-Bunny :bulletred: Nazvek :bulletorange: Anataine

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applebriar (PC), Kodaksmile, KajiAkuma, lKami, ShyniiWolf, Khair-Udin, finchfluff, lauraacan

What's the Waiting List for?
> You receive a note when my commissions are open again
> You get priority on claiming a slot if you do take a commission
> You are entirely free to decline taking anything, this is just for your information in case you're still interested!

I'm so sorry for how late I can be... I'm very, very busy. :(

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There's no way back after the End.

A shitload of stuff [delays, etc]

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 11, 2017, 10:22 AM

Hello dear followers!

Well well, I'm not one to make journas too often, as I'm not the most active anyway. But December is very busy with different things, IRL or professionnal or school and also DeviantArt's wise. There are some bad news and good news as well, but mostly the outcome of this journal is that I'll be slow as ever on getting things done lol.
So let's start with the bad news that make me slow:

- My neck. Is awfully. In pain. It's been going on for at least two weeks now. I think I've had bad posture for quite a long time, but this has been worsened by the use of my Cintiq that I can't properly set to a comfortable level, which means I need to lean over my desk to draw, which in the past year always ended up making my neck ache, but when I took a break and rested it ended up going away. Now it's not going away anymore. Whenever I slightly lean the nape of my neck and the top of my back start paining me quickly. This is really slowing down my ability to draw for the moment and it makes me very frustrated to be uffering this kind of things... I'm going to see a specialist on friday anyway But this sucks. I have too much work to do to be able to relax so many hours. The only work position I've found for now that doesn't hurt is staying lain in bed, making a huge lump of blankets and pillows behind my bck,and then taking the tablet on my bent knees to work without straining on my back and neck haha. But several downsides to that; first, I don't really like staying in bed all day long when working, it doesn't really get you going. Second, workflow remains very low because I have to use the buttons and rocker ring on the side of the tabet when I'm actuall much more used to keyboard shortcuts. And third, I can only do this at my boyfriend's place with his laptop, and I don't live everyday at his place sooo... Well, let's just hope the specialist will get me cured.

- Other bad news com from the Cintiq itself, and it happened just today, which inspired me to write this journal as things were getting more and more shitty >v> A few days ago I lost pen pressure at home for a day, but I solved this with new drivers. However, today I went to plug my Cintiq back unto my computer (I rarely disconnect it actually, it happened this week-end for the first tie in many months because I wanted to bring it to my boyfriend's place to ty out the technique I've qoted above) and though pessure and everything worked fine, the sceen just didn't display anything anymore, but nothing has changed from usual set-up in wires and such... So I'm REALLY frustrated and tired of this crap. Chances are I might have damaged the wire when carrying it away and back home, though it seems pretty unlikely to me, or the HDMI port of my computer has died. Either way I have "no input signal" now and let's say that it's another thing that... slows me down. The only advantage to this is that I don't have to look down at my Cintiq now, I have to look directly at my screen just like with a regular tablet that doesn't cost $900, so my neck hurts a little bit less. :XD: But seriously, what's the point in a Cintiq you can't look at. >_> I've contacted my support and my brother will come over to loo it up to, so I hope to find the probem. I will also bring it back at my bf's place soon to check if the wire has been damaged or if it happens solely with my own computer.

- And finally, just a notice for everyone awaiting art fom me: we have a shitload of homework this year, and I also have some professionnal opportunities that need to be completed even though I can't just give up on homework. It's hard to find the balance between doing paid work and finishing correctly school work that takes a lot of time. That being said, I can't work all week long on commissions, which is why they are slowly completed.

And now on to the brighter news, even though that's also one that will basically say I can't draw much!! :XD:

- My sweet sweet beloved man got me a great Christmas gift! We're leaving for three days from friday to monday evening to a surprise city :love: I know it will be around the Mediterranean sea but it's very wide, so I don't know precisely where but I'm very excited! It's a very great gift and I'm very happy to take a little break in his company. We do travel quite a lot and it's always an amazing time spent together. So I won't be able to upload anything on those days, the designs from the adoptables event will be submitted shortly after I come back.

And well, after this, you know how it is: Christmas, family and stuff, we will all be busy in our own ways so forgive any slow reply and such. I try my best to keep everything and everyone up to date but sometimes life just tries to tackle you down with random sneaky events (hah, did I tell you that my HDD died two weeks ago, killing a full year of various Data such as school work, a ton of useful things and drzawings and such? No? Well, now you know. Funny times indeed.)

Beside this, I hope you all have a great holiday time! ;) 

- Dhys

  • Listening to: Alt-J
  • Reading: Fred Vargas
  • Watching: idk I try to be productive
  • Playing: nah
  • Eating: juicy potatoes
  • Drinking: TEA

Do you like it when artists talk (vocal) on their livestreams? 

132 deviants said Yes, it feels more friendly and it's more convenient than reading / avoids pausing when the artists needs to read & write a reply
71 deviants said I don't really mind, vocal or writing are both fine
33 deviants said No, I prefer music, and written chatting is easier and more relaxing (and easier to understand and follow if I or the artist is not native speaker)
19 deviants said No, I mute all livestreams
10 deviants said Yes, I never read the chat so I always prefer artists talking
2 deviants said Other? Comment please!
2 deviants said (I'm thinking about going back to streaming which I haven't done in a long while. Wondering if I should blabber or not :p Honestly I'm not fond of it but I thought why not, to explain my process on tutorial streamings)




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I love your art so much, I wish I could draw as good as you...never give up I can tell your gonna go far! 💕
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